Hunting Age?

I understand that their is a gray area between 16-18 years of age for hunting, my friend and I both have our driver licenses; and are wanting to go out and hunt on our own. We have been hunting for a couple years now, and would like to experience hunting by ourselves. If we purchase adult hunting licenses and have parental consent in some validated form, is it legal to go and hunt?
The situation you describe, as two juveniles age 16-18 desiring to go hunting alone, does not require you to be with an adult in order to go hunting as long as you are residents of the state of Idaho and you hold the correct license and or tag.  You may be thinking of restrictions placed on "hunting passport" holders and "mentored nonresident youth" or resident  hunters under the age of 12 which do require an adult license holder to be present with them while hunting. 
Answered on: 
Friday, December 18, 2015 - 1:43 PM MST