hunter education number

I had an hunter ed number that was my social security number. I requested and have received a new hunter education card from my issuing state that has a number instead of so. sec #.
I would like to change my non-resident ID profile so my social security does not show up on every license I get form Idaho. How do I change the hunter education number from my social sec # (previous) to the new number I have now?


Idaho Fish and Game issues hunter education numbers at the time of certification, and are generated from the database and are not linked to the social security number and cannot be changed. 
The Idaho Fish and Game license system generates a sportsman's identification number from the database, not the social security number. However, for purchase you need to give your social security number - it is required by the State of Idaho. Your social security number will not print on the license.  

Answered on: 
Monday, April 18, 2016 - 12:30 PM MDT