How often will salmon be dropped into boise river?

Salmon were dropped last thursday, will they be dropped every week?
End of June is probably the last time we will stock Chinook Salmon in the Boise River.  We only bring fish from Oxbow (mid-Snake River) or Rapid River (near Riggins) because we know these fish are of hatchery stock origin.  By early July, the body of these fish are breaking-down (they haven't eaten since they left the ocean in March and April) and they are starting to stage to begin the final phase of their life - spawning.  They don't handle the stress of transportation very well and their flesh quality is questionable. Enjoy the fish we've stocked in the Boise River and hope we have a large enough return next year of surplus fish to provide this unique fishing opportunity in the middle of Idaho's largest city.
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Monday, June 29, 2015 - 9:45 AM MDT