How often are you required to check on the status of Wolf and mountain lion quotas?

If you go hunting in an area that doesn't have any cell service, how often are you required to check whether a wolf or mountain lion quota has been met? Sometimes you might be gone for several days, is it ok to just check right before you leave or do you need to periodically check while you are hunting?


If the area you are hunting is approaching the harvest limit, every day you should make every reasonable effort to check whether the harvest limit is reached. It is a hunters responsibility to know the harvest limit and if it has been reached.
It is possible that a hunter may be in on a hunting trip in remote areas for several days without communication when quotas are met and notices of closures are made. In those instances where a wolf or lion are harvested after the closure, judgment and discretion will be used to determine if it was not reasonable for a person to have checked the quota. Based on the merits of each circumstance, a hunter may have to surrender their harvest.
If the merits of a specific instance were determined that it was reasonable for a hunter to have checked the harvest quota and/or the animal was harvested well beyond any reasonable time that the season was closed, an enforcement action may occur.

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Friday, November 16, 2012 - 11:16 AM MST