How many chances are there if I put in for one of these Supertag or Super Slam drawings?


It's a little complicated, but the total number of tags is 40. There will be two separate Supertag drawings of 16 each, with five deer, five elk, five antelope and one moose tag in each drawing. You pick the animal you want to draw on Super tags. A Supertag allows hunting for one of these species in any hunt open for that species. A separate drawing will be held for the Super Slam. Two hunters will be drawn for all four animals in the Super Slam. Winners in the Super Slam will be able to hunt all four animals in any hunt open for that species. Applicants may purchase as many Supertag or Super Slam tickets as they want. Once tickets are filled out they need to be returned to the Headquarters Fish and Game office at: 1075 Park Blvd., or P. O. Box 25, Boise, ID 83707. We must have it in our office by May 31. The tickets can be filled out with someone else's name besides the purchaser. We're reaching the deadline to get those tickets in, so ordering through the Internet or 800# is probably not safe for the first drawing. Hunters can apply at any license vendor, by phone (1-800-824-3729), by mail, or online at ( until May 31 for the first drawing on June 15. Apply between June 1 and July 30 for the second drawing that will be held on August 16. Money raised will help fund Access Yes!

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Sunday, May 23, 2004 - 6:00 PM MDT