How do I properly dispose of an elk carcass?


First the requirement:
Hunters are required to remove and care for the edible meat of big game animals, except black bears, mountain lions and gray wolves. This includes the meat from hind quarters as far down
as the hock, meat of the front quarters as far down as the knee and meat along the backbone which is the loin and tenderloin.  It does not include meat of the head or neck, meat covering or
between the ribs, internal organs, or meat on the bones after close trimming.
Then some recommendations:
When you have removed the edible meat, we suggest as a courtesy to others that you not leave the rest of the carcass in a campground or on a trail.  
 If you take the animal home to process the meat, the waste can be double-bagged, securely tied closed and left out for garbage collectors to dispose of.
If you have bears in your area, keep the waste in a bear proof container until the garbage is picked up.

Answered on: 
Friday, October 26, 2012 - 9:59 AM MDT