How can I find out about management policies and decision making guidelines and goals for your dept.

I am new to Idaho, but have lived in the western US all of my life, and I am curious if there is any public information regarding how regulations are made and the desicion making processes used for managing fish and game. thanks for your help


You might begin by looking at "The Compass" Idaho Fish and Game's 15 year strategic plan, which is posted on the Idaho Fish and Game website under the "About Us" tab.  Developed and implemented in 2005, The Compass lays out four goals:  sustain Idaho's fish and wildlife and the habitats upon which they depend; meet the demand for fish and wildlife recreation; improve public understanding of and involvement in fish and wildlife management; enhance the capability of the department to manage fish and wildlife and serve the public.  One of the purposes of the Idaho Wildlife Summit is to reacquaint the public with The Compass and conduct a mid-term review of the goals, objectives and strategies outlined in the document.  Various management plans, from Idaho Fish and Game's Mule Deer Plan, Wolf Plan, and the Bureau of Communications Strategic Plan  are designed to support the management objectives outlined in The Compass.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012 - 9:28 AM MDT