at Hayden lake there is a runoff what are the rules for getting the fish there

during the summers i have seen lots of fish get trapped in the fields and runoff is there any rules of the number of fish you can keep even if they do have limits in the main lake, just wondering cause most of the fish die in the field behind the dike road there. i also heard you can go into there and net the fish, spear them, even snag them. i see lots of catfish, bass (large and small mouth), perch, trout mainly rainbows and some cutthroats, pike, crappies,


General rules apply to the water below the Hayden Lake outlet, so snagging, spearing, and netting are not allowed and limits do apply.  It's relatively uncommon to have so much outflow (like we had this year) that large numbers of fish actually leave the lake through the outlet, so we have not established separate "salvage" rules for the area.  Also, the land below the dike is private property, so developing special salvage rules for that field would like create a problem for the landowner.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012 - 2:20 PM MDT