Has a study been done on the suitability for the introduction of Walleye into CJ Strike? And if so what were the conclusions?


Yes, there was a thorough study completed in 1982 on the suitability of walleye introductions into all Idaho waters exceeding 100 acres. The study concluded for the most part that introduction of walleye would lead to establishment of self-sustaining populations in many waters, including CJ Strike Reservoir. More importantly, the study concluded that walleye were incompatible for Snake River impoundments due to probable impacts to perch, crappie, and sturgeon populations that use the reservoir and support high levels of fishing effort. Furthermore, the study concluded that walleye would be entrained and would establish self-sustaining populations in the Hells Canyon Complex reservoirs and in the Snake and Salmon rivers downstream which support highly valuable salmon, and steelhead, and sturgeon populations. Due to these concerns, the IDFG commission established a policy that disallows creation of "new" walleye populations. This policy is strongly supported by most of the general fishing public and agency fisheries professionals. You may read the details of this policy in the IDFG fisheries management plan located on our website or feel free to call your local regional office.     

Answered on: 
Friday, June 15, 2012 - 12:20 PM MDT