Has the Fish and Game ever done any post-stocking survey to determine if the 1979 - 1986 stocking of the Palouse River with 223,002 Brown Trout ever lead to a catchable population of Browns in this River?

Where were these fry and fingerling Browns reared, and what lead to the decision to try to establish a Brown Trout fishery in the Palouse River?


We've conducted creel surveys and have officer reports that indicate the stocking was marginally successful.  We documented a number of brown trout caught both upstream and downstream of the stocking sites. 
We went many years not stocking brown trout in the Palouse River - mostly because we lost our source of brown trout eggs and discontinued stocking throughout the state.  In 2010, we found an alternative source of brown trout eggs and once again, began stocking brown trout into waters where the once existed.  This includes the Palouse River.

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Monday, September 24, 2012 - 10:11 AM MDT