Game fish hatcheries in Idaho.

We are starting a rather large aquaponics project with the intention of feeding homeless and food shelters. We would like to stock some of our 950 gallon tanks with game fish such as Bass, Perch and Bluegills. We were wondering if you have a list of any game fish hatcheries here in Idaho?
There are several commercially licensed aquaculture facilities in Idaho that sell the game fish listed in your e-mail.  In Idaho, this business is regulated by the Idaho State Dept. of Agriculture and they could provide you a list of providers in your area.  To prevent transmission of diseases around the state, we would prefer you use a local source of fish. You will need to obtain a Private Pond permit from our agency to possess game fish.  There is an application on our website under the "Fisheries" tab and "Forms."  The permit is free and good for 5-years.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016 - 9:15 AM MST