Free fishing day

I was told that Conservation officers in Riggins this year were informing Salmon fisherman that on free fishing day they could catch two days limits, my friend was leaving the hole where the little salmon dumps in the main with his two adult Chinook and was asked why he stopped fishing he could go back and catch two more because it was free fishing day he did not have to place those fish on his tag. Is this true?


Free Fishing Day only allows a person who can possess a valid license to fish on that day without a license or a salmon permit.  All other rules dealing with daily bag and possession limits, gear restrictions, etc. are still in effect.
Even though, you weren't required to record the adult salmon caught on your permit on Free Fishing Day, you could still only catch one-days worth of salmon from the Little Salmon River.  At that time the limit was 2 adults (over 24" and adipose fins missing) and 2 jacks (under 24" and adipose fin missing).
Not sure where the communications breakdown occurred but we will make sure everyone representing our agency is clear on this issue next year when Free Fishing Day rolls around.

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Monday, July 7, 2014 - 8:26 AM MDT