There is a fox causing property damage and killing pets on our property. It has been here for about three years. What can I do to relocate or disperse it?
I live on a small farm 43 acres in Jefferson County and have received little help from local government as there is no animal services in Jefferson County. Is the Red Fox part of the "predator" list in that we can just hunt it?


The red fox is classified as a furbearer in Idaho.  In Jefferson County however, there is a year-long hunting and trapping season on them which requires a hunting or trapping license.  Also, if caught in the act of harassing or killing your pets or farm animals, they can also be killed without a license.  Fox are active predators, and are especially fond of mice, voles, and other small mammals.  They also kill birds, feral or loose cats, and possibly small dogs though that is quite rare.  You should contact your local Fish and Game office if you wish to live capture and relocate the animals. They may be willing to issue you a permit to have an animal in captivity and relocate.  If there are adults, there are likely pups and it is not as easy as just removing a single animal.  You may also contact a local fur trapper if you are having real issues with the foxes.  Losing straying cats on occasion will be expected in any rural area and may be caused by more than just foxes.  You can find more information about fox and other predator control online.

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Monday, June 9, 2014 - 10:24 AM MDT