Fort Boise snow geese?

There are certain sections of fort Boise that are not specified as closed from Feb 1st to March 10th. Can you hunt these areas for snow geese? I've heard of people hunting these open areas.


The central portion of Fort Boise WMA is closed from February 1 – July 31 for waterfowl nesting. Remaining areas of the WMA are still open to public access, but the hunting of white-fronted and light geese (Blue, Ross’s, and Snow) on any portion of the WMA is not allowed after January 31st.
On page 10 of the Idaho 2015 Waterfowl Seasons and Rules, under Closures, it states: “In the Southwest Region, Fort Boise and Payette River WMAs and that portion of the Roswell Marsh Wildlife Habitat Area south of Highway 18, and the Snake River Islands Unit of the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge will be closed February 1 – March 10 2016.”
The ponds at Fort Boise WMA are a primary roosting area for snow geese as they pass through our region on the spring migration. Shooting them where they roost would just induce them find somewhere else to roost. This would not only provide a very limited hunting opportunity, but would deny the opportunity for hundreds of wildlife viewers to enjoy the spectacle of thousands of geese at Fort Boise heading out to or returning from daily feeding forays.  Providing a place for snow geese to roost keeps them in the general vicinity at least, so local fields can continue to offer hunting opportunity.   
Areas of Roswell Wildlife Habitat Area north of Highway 18 are open to light goose hunting.  The harvested grain in those fields can provide a hunting opportunity when they feed there. 
For a map of the Roswell Marsh Wildlife Habitat Area, go to the Idaho Fish and Game website ( and search “Roswell Marsh Wildlife Habitat Area map” to download a copy.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016 - 3:30 PM MST