Fishing off shore on Lake Pend Oreille

Last year was our first year in your beautiful state. We stayed at Hayburn state park and me and my son really enjoyed fishing there for pike and sunfish and perch. Now that were coming back for our vacation from Canada I was wondering where and if there were perch to fish for on Lake Pend Oreille ? We would be offshore but was just wondering if you had any info for us thanks so much!


Yes, there are certainly perch in Lake Pend Oreille.  They can be accessed from the shore in many areas.  On the northeast portion of the lake, the Denton Slough area is a good place to fish for them, as would be the Clark Fork Delta around the drift yard.  The area around Hope can be good also, but much of that shoreline is rocky.  You’d be able to find plenty of smallmouth bass around the rocky areas, but not a lot of perch.  On the northern end of the lake, the Sunnyside Road and Hawkins point would be good for perch , and around Hawkin’s Point toward the Pack River delta.  On the south end of the lake, the area around Buttonhook Bay (at Farragut State Park) ought to be good for perch. 
Good luck and enjoy the trip to Idaho!

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Friday, June 21, 2013 - 10:50 AM MDT