Fishing licence trap limit for crawdad

I have read many times that only five [5] crawdad traps are allowed with out a CFL. (Commerical Fishing Licence) But I just read "Five pots per licence" in another question. Does this mean that if I have a regular fishing licence while dropping traps with a friend who also has a valid fishing licence we can drop 10 traps even if we don't have a CFL?
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Trapping or Seining Minnows and Crayfish:
Only five (5) crayfish traps can be fished with a valid fishing license. If more than five traps are used at one time, you must obtain a Commercial Fishing License and trap tags.
ngame fish (minnows), yellow perch, and crayfish may be taken only in waters open to fishing; provided the seine or net does not exceed ten (10) feet in length or width, and nets and seines
must have three-eighths (3/8) inch square or smaller mesh; and the minnow or crayfish trap does not exceed two (2) feet in length, width or height. If the trap is of irregular dimension,
but its volume does not exceed the volume of an eight (8) cubic foot trap, it is also legal to use. Nets and seines may not be left unattended. Traps must be checked at least every fortyeight
(48) hours. All traps must have a tag attached bearing the owner’s name and address.
All game fish (except yellow perch) and protected nongame fish incidentally taken while trapping or seining must be immediately released alive. All fish so taken must immediately be killed except where stated
otherwise. Crayfish may be kept alive to be used as bait only on the water where captured. Nongame fish and crayfish may only be taken during the season set for the taking of game fish in those
It is illegal to destroy, disturb, or remove any traps belonging
to others.

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Friday, June 21, 2013 - 9:46 AM MDT