Fishing at CJ Strike.

How is the fishing at CJ Strike this time of year? I would like to take my kids to do a little fishing but unusre how it would be? If it is worth going would it be better to use a boat or fish from the bank?


Depends on if there is ice on the Bruneau Arm of C.J. Strike.  Ice fishing for rainbow trout and perch can be very good if you have the equipment and know where the underwater fish habitat structures are located.
If there is no ice on the reservoir, fishing can be slow this time of year on C.J. Strike.  You can occasionally find a trout or perch cruzing the shore.  Use bait and fish deep for best results.  Also, fish in the afternoon when water can potentially warm a degree or two.  Warming water temperatures prompt the fish to increase feeding activities in the winter and can create exceptional fishing in late January and February when days are lengthing and temperatures begin to warm.
If you have a boat, it's best to move around on the reservoir and seek pockets of fish.  Once you've identified where fish are located and the depth, fishing with bait is your best way to catch trout and perch.  Trolling in the afternoons will be "hit-and-miss" for trout.  Boat fishing will produce better results than fishing from the bank.

Answered on: 
Thursday, January 14, 2016 - 9:30 AM MST