Fishing with a 2 pole permit for trout, steelhead or salmon

I have a technical question on fishing for trout, steelhead and salmon with a two pole permit. I have always purchased a two pole permit and used 2 poles for trout and steelhead. I do have a specific question on daily limits and fishing with two poles. For example I was told that once I had harvested 4 trout out of 5 that I could only use 1 pole to catch my last fish of the day by another fisherman. I did not think that was correct but could not find anything in the regulations about it? Does it apply per species, is it different for salmon and steelhead? I was under the impression that when I purchase a two pole permit it allows me to use my 2 poles until my limit is reached? thank you for the clarification..


As long as you have the two-pole permit you can fish with two poles until your limit is reached.  You don't have to stop using two poles when you only have one more fish left to make your limit.  Two poles can be used for steelhead, Chinook and trout fishing.

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Friday, June 21, 2013 - 9:27 AM MDT