Field Day [When is the next field day?]

When is the next hunters ed field day?


HOW ARE CLASSES PLANNED?Our volunteer instructors put together classes/field days and then they contact us with the specifics.  Those specifics are then put on our Website; instructor-led hunter education courses and internet field days are listed on our Website at HOW DO I SIGN UP ONLINE?Link to , scroll down to the 3 little boxes at the bottom of the page and choose:• Type of class or field day (bowhunter education or hunter education)• Type of instruction (instructor-led or internet field day) and• Location• Register online when you find a class or field day that you want• YOU MUST ATTEND ALL CLASS DAYS LISTED
WHAT  DO I DO IF THERE ISN’T A CLASS  LISTED?If there isn’t a class listed in your area right now please check daily for new classes to be added to the schedule.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - 10:27 AM MDT