Fall creek at Anderson Ranch Reservoir boundaries

I'm not sure where Fall Creek ends and Anderson ranch Reservoir starts. Per the regulations, kokanee limits are 25 in the res. and 6 every where else. At Fall Creek where the drainage culvert goes underneath the road. Is that the divider between the two waters or is it down past the high water markings where they merge together? Thank You.
On Fall Creek at Anderson Ranch Reservoir, we consider above the road culvert as "creek" and below the culvert as part of the "reservoir."    This is a much more complex question on other tributary streams that flow into reservoirs around Idaho.  We've actually had to erect signs and stretch cables in some locations to denote a boundry where one side is "stream" and the other side is "lake" or "reservoir."
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015 - 10:11 AM MDT