Even though IDFG doesn't stock brook trout now, why don't you include them in the historical stocking data?

When I search for lakes that were previously stocked with brook trout there is no information. I know brook trout are a non-desired species in Idaho but I would like to be able to find out what lakes were stocked with brook trout in the past. It seems that IDFG doesn't want to aknowledge that brook trout were ever stocked in Idaho.


They are included in the database - you just need to do some sluthing.  Here is an example:  1) Select Panhandle Region; 2) select records for 1967 to present; 3) click on "other trout;" 4) highlight "Antelope Lake; 5) and now click "search."  You will see 2,111 fingerling brook trout were stocked on 5/16/1997 in Antelope Lake.
We stocked brook trout in numerous lakes and streams throughout Idaho in the 1930's.  They did so well, they displaced rainbow trout and other native species in many waters.  Brook trout are voracious predators and will over-populate leading to a stunted and undesirable population.  They also interbreed with native ESA listed bull trout and produce sterile offspring - which decreases the bull trout population.
We've recently pioneered a way to produce sterile brook trout in our hatchery system.  You will probably see these fish planted in future years where they will provide a fishery without damaging native fish populations.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012 - 3:48 PM MDT