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Good Morning, I was curious to know what a career path toward being a conservation officer would look like? ie: military or law enforcement. Could a qualified individual apply without having that sort of work experience? Thank You Steve Bramel Houston Texas
Thank you for your interest in the Idaho Conservation Officer Job or Game Warden as we are sometimes called. You may want to view a recruitment video at https://youtu.be/25IQal5VKgI.  Although a degree is not required, you must have at least 4 upper level college courses in wildlife/fish management.  These courses may include Wildlife Management, Fishery Management, Population Ecology, Mamalogy, Ornithology, Wildlife Ecology, etc. Some of these courses might be available on line.  Without a degree you need a minimum of the 4 upper level college courses and job experience with a natural resource agency or law enforcement agency that requires law enforcement certification.  Applicants with a BS degree in Wildlife/Fish Management are most competitive during the application process.  Conservation Officers are Idaho Fish and Game’s front line to local communities.  It is important they can communicate to sportsmen the principles and reasons why seasons, bag limits, and rules exist.  They must also communicate their field observations to fish and wildlife managers in a credible manner.  In addition to the educational requirements, we are looking for Conservation Officers who demonstrate the following characteristics or talents: Good communication skills that allow you to visit with landowners, sportsmen, the public and agency personnel.  CO’s interact with all these people, understanding that each group may have a different culture and require communication in terms they understand and can relate to. CO’s need to learn and adapt quickly to understand complex information in order to be problem solvers. CO’s need high energy levels; they are self-starters with the capacity to self-motivate and must be able to multi-task. CO’s need to be somewhat assertive:  When the situation calls for quick action and decision making, CO’s have to be assertive.  But they also need to understand and be diplomatic.  This is a tough line to understand and walk. CO’s must be able and willing to communicate/interact with all types of people while on the other hand be somewhat skeptical.  In LE situations, some people are going to hide things from you.  Diplomatically, you need to interact with them, knowing they may be violating and hiding something from you. CO’s work alone with little or no supervision. They work in remote areas by themselves; this is tough.  CO’s must interact with others and be comfortable with working alone for many days in a row.  CO’s are independent and adventurous. CO’s have to be decisive, make the right decisions quickly, and accept those risks associated with quick decisions. For more information on current job announcements, go to this web site.  https://service.govdelivery.com/service/multi_subscribe.html?code=IDFISHGAME You can choose to sign up for notifications.  It allows you to select topics in which you wish to receive email notifications.   Thank you again for your interest.  For answers to specific question’s regarding employment as a Conservation Officer feel free to visit our web page http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/ or contact Assistant Chief of enforcement Blake Phillips at blake.phillips@idfg.idaho.gov.
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Friday, October 23, 2015 - 9:00 AM MDT