Elk Concentration Bannock Zone

I am looking to purchase a general season antlerless elk tag in one of the units of the Bannock Zone. I am interested mainly in units 70, 73 and 73A. I am trying to figure out an area to hunt them where the concentrations are higher. I am only familiar with 73A in Bull Canyon but have not seen many elk in that area. Do you have any suggestions on areas to hunt to increase chances of harvesting an elk? Some of these areas are high in private property and I would like to find public land in the area to hunt and have a chance at success. Thank you for your time.
Elk populations in the Bannock Zone have a patchy somewhat unpredictiable distribution.  We have not had many reports of depredation concerns in this zone this summer/fall, so you may have some success concentrating efforts in higher elevation areas, such as Bannock Peak, Scout Mountain, Kinnport Peak and Elkhorn Mountain.
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Friday, October 16, 2015 - 11:15 AM MDT