Does purchasing a Sportsmans Package give you an archery permit even if you have not yet completed the Idaho Bow Hunters Educational Course?

I live in Unit 53 which is exclusive bow hunting for deer. We have a lot of land, and I am starting to get into big game hunting more and would like to be able to hunt close to home. Due to a busy work schedule I have not yet completed the course for bow hunting and I have seen that the field day is already full. I just wanted to see if I would still be able to hunt with a bow by purchasing the Sportmans Package, or if I need to find a rifle hunt for this fall. Thanks!


If you don't provide an archery education number or can't fill out an archery affidavit stating that you have hunted in an archery hunt previously, the Sportsman's pack will print without an archery validation on it.  After you have taken the course you can go to any vendor and they will put your new archery education number in the database.  A new license will print out, this time with the archery validation on it.  There will not be any charge for the archery permit because it was paid for at the time of initial purchase of the Sportsman's pack.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 9:27 AM MDT