Does IDFG have any plans to revise the rules so as to allow cameras to be mounted on weapons?

I understand that under the current wording of the law cameras are not legal to have mounted on rifles or archery equipment because they are electronic. I also understand the reasons for not allowing other electronic items like sights or scopes, but I feel like IDFG should at least consider changing the wording to allow cameras to be mounted. Many people like myself would like the opportunity to record their hunting experiences and mountable cameras seem like they are one of the best options for hunters. They eliminate having to mount the camera on a hat or having to have someone there to work the camera. My question is not whether they are allowed or not, but whether IDFG has put any thought into revising the rules as these technologies come out, and if there are not plans to revise is there a specific reason why IDFG doesn't want cameras to be mounted to archery equipment or rifles?


The Idaho Fish and Game Commission periodically reviews equipment rules to ensure they are still reasonable, easy to abide by, necessary to meet species management objectives, and consistent with current technology.  From 2006 to 2009, the Commission conducted a thorough review of archery equipment rules; ultimately making some adjustments to the rules to address concerns expressed by a broad spectrum of hunters, and to respond to changes in technology that had occurred during the previous decade. 
It has been nearly 5 years since the last thorough review of equipment restrictions.  During these 5 years, there have been updates to species management objectives, including changes to elk management with the adoption of a new elk management plan.  These updated species management objectives, and continued advances in archery technology provide the catalyst to again review equipment restriction rules.  However, because hunter acceptance and compliance with potential rule changes is critical, the Department of Fish and Game is monitoring and compiling requests from sportsmen to provide a report to the Commission in July 2014 on how broad is the interest in reviewing the current rules, and specifically which rules should be reviewed.   Your comments have been captured and will be included in the summary report to the Commission.

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Monday, February 24, 2014 - 10:47 AM MST