Does Fish and Game maintain a land disposal list?

I was recently reading a news story about Black lake and this paragraph caught my eye, " The properties have been on Fish and Game’s disposal list since 1990." If a list exists how can one inquire about purchasing land from the department of fish and game? Thank you for your time.


Yes, the Department of Fish and Game does maintain a list of surplus properties.  These are properties that the Department has determined no longer aid the agency in fulfilling its mission.  All such properties are reviewed and approved for surplus by our Lands Committee, Director, and Commission.
By Idaho statute, the Department of Fish and Game Commission, not the Department, has the authority to purchase or exchange lands.  But neither the Department or Commission has the authority to sell lands.  All sales of Commission properties must be done via the State Land Board process and its approval.  So for any sale of IDFG properties, they must first be approved for sale by the Land Board, offered for sale to public agencies by the Board, offered for sale at auction, and then offered for sale to any interested party making an offer.
As of now, IDFG has several properties approved for sale by the Land Board but which did not sell via auction.  These and other surplus properties that have yet to be approved for sale can be identified by contacting Gregg Servheen at 208-287-2712 or via email
Thank you for your interest and question.  

Answered on: 
Monday, March 28, 2016 - 10:34 AM MDT