do you stock lakes in wilderness areas?

For example, do you stock any of the lakes within the Sawtooth wilderness area, or do you only stock lakes outside the wilderness in the recreational areas. If you do *not* stock, did you at any point in time do so?


Yes, we stock mountain lakes in wilderness areas.  We have a specific agreement with the Forest Service that allows us to stock mountain lakes by the same means and with the same species of fish as before wilderness designation was enacted.  If we want to stock new lakes or use aircraft to stock lakes that were previously not stocked with aircraft, then the Forest Service needs to analyze the impacts of the action and grant us permission - if they deem the action consistent with the land management designation.
In the case of the SNRA lakes we historically stocked those lakes with rainbow and cutthroat trout and they are typically stocked once every 3-years using a fixed-wing airplane.

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Monday, September 30, 2013 - 9:57 AM MDT