Do you have to have a taxidermy licence if you do not plan on making it a business and only doing it to get practice? What about for birds or does the la only apply to fur bearers?

I want to start learning how to do taxidermy and was looking to get some bird skins to practise on. I do not plan on making money or making it a business but i would like to practise. Do i need a licence to do so?


You do not need a taxidermy license to work on wildlife you harvested. The law applies to all wildlife.
If you are mounting animals that you have not harvested yourself, you must obtain a taxidermy license:
Idaho Code 36-601 reads:
Any person who at any time within the state of Idaho desires to mount, preserve or prepare for preservation any of the dead bodies of any wildlife or any part thereof not personally taken by him in compliance with the provisions of this title... must obtain a taxidermist....license

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 11:25 AM MDT