Do you do ride alongs like the police department

I was wondering if you do ride alongs like the police department because I would like to pursue a career as a wild life biologist and I am interested in a career as a officer. If you do apprenticeships with your biologists or your law enforcement officers I would love to know about it.


Contact the IDFG region office in your area for information.
Idaho Fish and Game Office Locations and Contact Numbers
Panhandle Region…1-208-769-1414 (Coeur d’ Alene)
Clearwater Region…1-208-799-5010 (Lewiston)
Southwest Region…1-208-465-8465 (Nampa)
Magic Valley Region…1-208-324-4359 (Jerome)
Southeast Region…1-208-232-4703 (Pocatello)
Upper Snake Region…1-208-525-7290 (Idaho Falls)
Salmon Region…1-208-756-2271 (Salmon)

Answered on: 
Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 1:33 PM MDT