Do coho salmon stay close to shore at lake cascade or do you troll for them in the deeper part of the lake?

I've never fished for freshwater coho salmon and wanted to give it a try at lake cascade. Do you use the same gear you would targeting kokanee? I read an article that stated coho like to stay close from 50 to 150 feet out from shore. What kind of bait do you use? Do people targeting coho use planner boards? If you could answer some of these kind of questions I would appreciate it.


Most folks are targeting coho in the deeper areas of the lake more towards the middle. I would use a rapala type plug maybe a rainbow or silver color. Don't use kokanee gear.  I don't think you need to use planner boards unless you have more than a few rods you want to use, usually planner boards get your bait or lure more out to the side, you might try, maybe its the seceret combo.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012 - 2:07 PM MDT