Disabled Veterans 100% Non-Resident

Disabled Veterans 100% Non-Resident - Qualifying for hunting & fishing.
Does the out of State Veteran still need a sponsor to get Resident cost? I hunted last year with a sponsor, Purple Heart Assc.
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No.  Nonresident disabled American veterans with a disability rating of 40 percent or more by Veterans Affairs are eligible for nonresident DAV reduced fees for licenses and tags.
The nonresident DAV hunting with 3-day fishing license, $31.75, allows the nonresident disabled veteran to purchase reduced fee nonresident Disabled American Veteran tags for deer $23.75, elk $39.75, bear $23.75, or turkey $19.75.
Individuals meeting the DAV requirements must submit a letter from the Veterans Affairs office verifying a service-connected disability rating of 40 percent or greater. Such documentation may bear any date prior to license application. Documentation for the nonresident DAV license will be required only for the initial application and will not be required for subsequent applications.  Letters can be brought to any regional office or mailed to the address below.
Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game - Licensing SectionP.O. Box 25Boise, ID 83707

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014 - 1:10 PM MDT