Crayfish trap specification clarification

Per the 2012 regulation: Minnow or crayfish trap can't exceed two (2) feet in length, width or height. If the trap is of irregular dimension, but its volume does not exceed the volume of an eight (8) cubic foot trap. Above that it states that a seine or net does not exceed ten (10) feet in length or width, and nets and seines must have three-eighths (3/8) inch square or smaller mesh. It however doesn't specify a mesh restriction for crayfish or minnow traps. Does this mean there isn't one? Or does this apply to the crayfish traps as well.


There is no restriction on the mesh size for crayfish traps.  Follow the dimensional requirements and you are legal to deploy 5 crayfish traps per fishing license.  If you want to deploy more than 5 traps, you will need to get a Commercial Fishing License for your operation.
The mesh size pertains to minnow seines and umbrella nets, only.  Anything larger than 3/8” mesh acts as a gill net to smaller fish.  Gill nets are nets where the fish usually can push their heads through the mesh to a point just past the gills.  Then they get stuck, their gill covers can’t open, or the mesh cuts their gill filaments and they bleed to death.  Regardless, for small fish it usually results in death.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012 - 2:20 PM MDT