Copy fishing licence

Can I make a copy of my fishing licence and keep one in my tackle box and one in my wallet so if I forget my wallet I can use the copy thats in my tackle box or if my wallet gets stolen I can still fish? Will it be valid, or is the illegal for some reason? If so why? thx, Isaac


Idaho Code Section  36-1201(c) requires a person to have the proper required license on his person at all times while hunting, fishing, or trapping, and to produce the original license for inspection upon request of a person authorized to enforce fish and game laws. This legal requirement places responsibility on hunters, trappers, and anglers to prove they are licensed when they are in the field. If you choose to carry a copy of your license instead of the original, an officer has the discretion to issue you a citation or to request additional identification to confirm your identity as the holder of the license.

Answered on: 
Monday, May 19, 2014 - 10:57 AM MDT