Controlled Hunt Drawing Results

Why is there a multi-week delay to produce the controlled hunt drawing results? I understand that the few people that still submit paper applications would push this delay to days (instead of hours if the applications were solely online), but why weeks? The excessive delay seems to lead itself to opportunity for tampering with the results or, at least to IDFG being accused of tampering with the results. Why cant the results be published more quickly?


To provide our customers with the best service and as much opportunity as possible to submit an application for a controlled hunt, we allow individuals to submit applications that are post marked no later than the last application date. For Moose, Sheep and Goat this would be April 30. Fish and Game typically receives mailed applications up to 4 or 5 days after the deadline depending on day the application period ends.
After all applications are entered, we transfer the application data to our drawing system. We then manually perform several audit checks to ensure all of the application rules are followed. For example, we run checks to verify waiting period rules have been followed by applicant. We do have individuals who submit applications who have not waited the appropriate number of years before submitting another application. We have to manually make the application ineligible in the drawing. We also check to verify that applicants applying have not harvested for the same species in the past in the case of Moose, Sheep and Goat. If they have harvested we have to verify if the animal harvested was from the first drawing or a leftover drawing or in the case of Moose if the gender harvested is opposite of the gender the application they have currently submitted.
We recently lost to retirement a couple of employees whose main duties were to conduct the drawing.  We have new staff members working with our drawing processes and they took a little extra time to ensure the Moose, Sheep and Goat drawing was conducted with zero errors. Even with the added couple of days to process the drawing, Fish and Game still completed the draw for Moose, Sheep and Goat prior to the notification deadline. It did take us some time to post the results of the drawing due to a necessary re-write of the code on the Fish and Game website to make the look up site more stable because of heavy web traffic. 
Thank you for the opportunity to answer your questions about our drawing processes. We will continue to look for ways to improve the drawings and to complete them as early as possible for our customers.

Answered on: 
Friday, May 30, 2014 - 11:49 AM MDT