Controlled Hunt area 3.1*

I was fortunate to draw a controlled hunt cow tag, in area 3.1*. I am not that familiar with the area. I have read the special instructions and I am a little confused. I know there are restrictions but, the part that says " The portions of 3, 4 and 6, on and within one mile of private land" (Then it gives all the locations) "and then follow the entire unit 3 boundary to point of beginning"
Ok exactly what does that mean? Am I restricted from federal land? I got a map from the Forest Service and the ones on this web site are good, and I have the means to get into alot of places, but not understanding the instructions is scary.
I'lI appreciate any help


I'll try to help you out.  I think it helps if you know why we have this controlled hunt.  The intent was to harvest antlerless elk where we are having some problems with too many elk on private agricultural land.  That is why the hunt is restricted to "on and within one mile of private land ..."  You are not restricted from all federal land, but the federal land must be within one mile of private land.  We know that not everyone likes to knock on doors to get permission to hunt a private alfalfa field, for example.  By allowing hunters to kill an elk on public land within one mile of the private land we are likely still killing some of those elk that are hitting the private fields.
So in short, the hunt includes all of Unit 3 and the western portions of Units 4 and 6.  You can hunt on all private land, with landowner permission of course.  You can also hunt on non-private (i.e., Forest Service) land - but you must be within one mile of private land to do so.  I hope this helps, and good luck!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014 - 3:27 PM MDT