Commercial source for wild Idaho trout?

A restaurant in Seattle lists "Stream Trout" on the menu. I asked the chef where was the trout from. Answer: Idaho.
So I said, "oh, from a fish farm"?
The chef was irate in replying that her restaurant serves no farm raised fish.
I replied that it was unlikely that there was a commercial source of wild trout from Idaho.
Question: Is there a source of "stream trout" from Idaho that are not a fish farm product?


Next time, ask the chef to check with their restaurant buyers to identify the source of the trout being served.  There is no commercial harvest of rainbow trout allowed in Idaho from streams.  The majority of trout sold from Idaho is raised in the Magic Valley (Twin Falls/Hagerman) area on water flowing from the 1,000 Springs aquifer.  Large companies such as Clear Springs Trout, Rangen's, and Idaho Trout Producers market the vast majority of commerically produced trout in Idaho from their Magic Valley facilities.

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Monday, June 2, 2014 - 3:00 PM MDT