Closure [lower section of Clearwater Salmon 2014]

Why did they close the lower Clearwater at 2030 on May 16th?


Based on input from hundreds of anglers, Chinook Salmon harvest quotas were set up for different river reaches in the Clearwater River drainage.  These harvest quotas were set up to insure that communities located across the drainage would have fair opportunities to fish for salmon.  For the lower Clearwater River (downstream of Cherrylane Bridge) anglers suggested that 25% of the total harvest should be allocated to this reach of river at that is what it is set at.  Due the intense fishing pressure, it became evident that we would overshoot our harvest goal in that section of river if we didn't close the fishery down quickly.  As is, we overshot the harvest goal for this reach of river with an estimated 32% of the total harvest share being caught in this reach of river.  This section of river still remains open to the harvest of Jack salmon (< 24 inches).
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - 11:30 AM MDT