Clarification of Answers: Lawful Methods of Take Upland Game Birds indicated expandable broadheads are legal.

Why is it on Friday Nov. 29, 2013 question was asked..
Q. Can I use expandable broad heads to hunt turkeys? ?

the answer was
A: No. Expandable broadheads are not allowed in Idaho for any species or any hunt.

However on question asked on Sunday Mar. 24, 2013
Q: I drew on a turkey tag can I take it with a crossbow?

the answer of
Lawful Methods of Take Upland Game Birds 
To take upland game birds in Idaho, all hunters may use a bow, muzzleloader shooting shot or shotgun with lead or steel shot with shells not exceeding 3 ½ inches in length. Shotguns are not required to be plugged when hunting upland game birds. Hunters also may use dogs to locate, flush and retrieve upland game birds. (but not turkey, except during fall hunts) Mechanical (i.e. expandable) broadheads are legal for hunting turkeys in Idaho

indicated expandable broadheads are legal.
What is the right answer?


The short answer is no. From the Idaho Administrative Procedures Act:
01. Taking of Upland Game Birds. No person shall take upland game birds:
With a trap, snare, net, crossbow, or firearms EXCEPT a shotgun using shells not exceeding three and one-half (3-1/2) inches maximum length, slingshot, hand-held or thrown missiles, EXCEPT forest grouse. Forest grouse shall not be taken with a trap, snare, net, or crossbow.

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Friday, May 30, 2014 - 8:03 AM MDT