Catch limits

I was wondering about catch limits. At Edson Fichter Pond in Pocatello it says that there is now a 2 fish limit instead of 6 like it says on their website. I was wondering if the catch limit was per license or per person fishing. I have two boys who are under the age limit. Please clarify this soon, I'm planning on taking them fishing soon. Thank you!!!


I was in Pocatello at Edison Fichter pond just yesterday.  Fishing for rainbow trout was very good and several people had their two-trout limit.  Each licensed angler can catch and keep 2 trout.  For resident youth under 14 years of age, they can also catch and keep 2 trout.  Nonresident youth under 14 can fish without a license but they must be accompanies by someone with a valid fishing license and the fish they catch and keep count towards the license holders daily bag limit.

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Friday, July 25, 2014 - 10:37 AM MDT