Can you own a fox in Idaho? If not, what animals can be kept as pets?

Can a fox be owned as a pet in Idaho? I read mixed answers online, called the animal and game office and they said any animal found in Idaho may be kept as a pet but I have read other questions on the forum in which, skunks and raccoons cannot be owned. Much confused. What animals may be kept as pets in Idaho? And what permits are needed?


No; because of disease concerns (rabies), Idaho law prohibits individuals from keeping a raccoon/fox/skunk as a personal pet. 
Idaho Code Section 25-236 prohibits individuals from possessing raccoon/fox/skunk, and the Idaho State Department of Agriculture enforces this law.  Public parks, zoos, museums and educational institutions can keep these animals if they get a permit from the Idaho State Department of Agriculture. 

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Friday, March 7, 2014 - 12:00 PM MST