Can you hunt coyotes on Sterling WMA?


Sterling WMA is part of unit 68A so only short-ranged weapons are allowed for big game (archery and shotgun).  Trapping coyotes, however, is allowed (although I don't know of anyone that has done it).  We ask that you check in with our office in Pocatello if you choose to trap on Sterling.  FYI, the Federal agency, Wildlife Services, has recently flown the WMA and surrounding area in a coyote control effort.
You can hunt coyotes on Sterling WMA with a rifle.  We have controlled the means of take for big game in that unit by establishing the archery only rule.  This was a way to reduce the hazard to the homes around the area.  But we do not control the means of take for predators.  We certainly encourage caution when discharging a rifle in that area.
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - 8:14 AM MST