Can you describe ethical dispatch methods for animals in traps?

Specifically, what implements or weapons should be used, how many blows, to what part of the body for maximum killing effectiveness?


This topic is somewhat sensitive to many people. As a trapper it is something you can’t avoid. Its also very import that you’re good at it. Idaho provides a trapper education course to teach proper trapping and dispatching techniques.  We also recommend you go out with an experienced trapper before you do it yourself.  The preferred method of dispatch is using a small caliber handgun or firearm, usually .22 caliber, and place a shot in the brain.  As a responsible trapper your main objective is to dispatch the animal very quickly if not instantly. With body grips such as conibears and with snares you won’t have a problem with dispatching the furbearer; these type of traps will do it for you. 
Be aware that your actions reflect on the activity and how people perceive the sport.
You can find more techniques online at various websites.

Answered on: 
Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 3:36 PM MDT