Can wildlife attractants be placed in front of trail cameras? Can I place some sort of wildlife attractant in front of my trail camera on public land? Would it be acceptable if the attractant was removed prior to hunting season?


Please check with the public land management agency regarding placing bait on public land.
Here is information about baiting a site before the season and then hunting the site later for deer and elk after the bait is removed:
Idaho hunting rules prohibit the use of bait, including salt in any form (liquid or solid) in the hunting/taking of deer/elk. Idaho does not have a regulation that allows people to use bait to attract deer and elk to an area and then "pick it up" a certain number of days before hunting in the same area. If there is still residue at the site of bait that was placed to attract deer/elk, Idaho rules prohibit you from hunting over the baited site. If the site is free of the bait, you can hunt over the site.
Some other states have rules that allows hunting over sites if bait is removed at least 30 days earlier, but Idaho is NOT one of them.

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Friday, June 28, 2013 - 10:44 AM MDT