Can someone own, buy or sell live wolves in the state of Idaho... including wolf hybrids?

I had a wolf hybrid long ago and I was told that it is illegal to sell a wolf or a wolf hybrid in the state of Idaho. People on Craigslist is getting outrageous and now they are advertising wolves 85% and are asking for rehoming fees. I personally will not buy one they are unique and they do need special care and the people on craigslist do not know what they are getting


Idaho has licensing requirements for people who raise wolves for sale in Idaho, and has permitting requirements for importing wolves for captive possession into the state.
Idaho has licensing and tattooing requirements for holding in captivity a wolf or hybrid that exhibits primary wolf characteristics.  These are spelled out in Idaho Code Section 712:  There are also rules in the Idaho Administrative Code at

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Monday, September 17, 2012 - 3:15 PM MDT