Can I use "the clerk told me" excuse in Idaho, or is that just for residents?

"The hunter who fired the fatal shot "was under the impression that his 2011 tag was good for the entire season," which extends into this year, Keckler said Friday. The hunter received a verbal warning, but the department stopped short of issuing a citation because he had received "incorrect information from a clerk from one of our vendor stores," Keckler said." Portland Oregonian, February 10, 2012
Very understanding of you folks. Is that excuse valid for anything other than endangered animals, could I use it for sheep, cattle and the like?
Thanks for whatever attention you can give this.


Fish and Game conservation officers have discretion in matters such as this.  The officer investigating this case contacted the vendor store where the hunter purchased the tag.  The vendor told the officer a sales clerk was confused about when the wolf tags expired and had indeed told some some hunters that the 2011 wolf tag was good for the entire season.  In other words, the vendor corroborated the hunter's story and the officer felt comfortable that there was no intent to break the law.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012 - 3:44 PM MST