Can you spotlight or chum carp while bowfishing?


Great question! There are no restrictions on the use of lights while fishing or fishing hours, so the use of some type of spotlight would be allowable while bowfishing. 
However, “Chumming” is illegal for all species of fish.  Idaho Code 36-902(e) states the following:  “Unlawful fishing methods -- Destruction of fish prohibited -- Exceptions. Except as may be otherwise permitted by law or commission rule or proclamation no person shall: (e) Chumming. Deposit or distribute any substance not attached to a hook for the purpose of attracting fish. Salmon eggs or other spawn may be used for bait only when attached to a hook on a line and fished in the conventional manner.”

Answered on: 
Monday, July 14, 2014 - 9:15 AM MDT