Blm property fenced

I have noticed that some BLM and other federal and state land is fenced, without any notice of no trespassing or no hunting. I have verified on fish & game hunting planer map and it is BLM, state or federal land. So can one hunt on this property?
BLM, USFS and state managed lands are mostly accessible to the public.  Some lands such as parks, recreation areas near lakes, around buildings, campgrounds, compounds, etc. usually have a safety zone buffer.  If a piece of public land is not specifically posted with signs it is open to hunting.  Please use caution as always to make sure of your backdrop and safety of others when hunting on public or private land.  Also, just because a piece of land is open does not mean it is safe or responsible to hunt there.  Also, remember that firing a weapon from or across a road is also prohibited, and almost all federal and state agencies have some motorized vehicle travel restrictions.  If you have specific questions about a piece of land, you may wish to contact the agency that is responsible for that land and also obtain a travel plan map of the area from that agency.  Also, if you visit our hunt planner on the FG website, you can find more land ownership designations for your preferred hunting location.
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Thursday, October 22, 2015 - 2:01 PM MDT