Black Bear Sizes

What is the average size of a mature bear in unit 6. How much do they weigh?


We've done some research trapping in the St Joe so we have a pretty good idea of the live weight of bears in the area.  These weights were mostly taken in June and July, so fall weights during the hunting season would be quite a bit more (partly depending on the huckleberry crop!).  Spring weights would be less, but bears haven't put on a lot of weight by June.
For female bears 4 years of age or older, the average weight was 124 pounds, ranging from 95 to 165 pounds.  For males 4 years of age or older, the average weight was 186 pounds, ranging from 128 to 260 pounds.
As for size, we typically don't take a standard size measurement, so I don't have anything reliable to provide to you on that question.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 2:50 PM MDT