Best month for fishing steelhead?

What month of the year is best for fishing steelhead? And what river is recommended for fishing steelhead?
Hello,  Steelhead fishing is probably best in October-November and again in March-April. While steelhead can be caught in the winter between December and February, catch rates are usually much lower until water temperatures come back up.  In the fall, steelhead fishing usually first picks up in the lower Clearwater River and the Snake River near Lewiston. The lower Salmon River between Riggins and Hammer Creek (Whitebird grade) and the Little Salmon River (Riggins) also can fish well in October-November. In spring, steelhead move higher upstream as spawning season approaches. Steelhead fishing in March/April is best higher upstream in the Clearwater (Kooskia) and SF Clearwaters (Stites). The upper Salmon River between Challis and Stanley is best in March and April.  You can find more information about seasons and rules on our steelhead webpages here:   Martin Koenig Sportfishing Program Coordinator
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Thursday, December 24, 2015 - 3:06 PM MST