Behind the times...still? [Broadhead and illuminated nocks]

Why is idaho behind the times. Mechanical broadheads have come leaps and bounds since the 90's. Also, illuminated nocks allow shooters to find there arrow and follow the path it took.
Will they be legalized? If its about ethics, your not with them. These tools help increase recovery of game and helps speed the process of the animal passing.


Thank you for your question on additions to legal archery equipment.  Each year the Idaho Fish and Game Commissioners have the option to add or restrict the equipment that hunters may legally use to pursue game.  The restriction on expandable broadheads as you know dates back decades.
 It would be impossible to review, test, and approve individual expandable broadheads, ----the options in rule changes would then be to allow all expandables, or leave the rule as it stands.  There are hundreds of legal broadheads that have been proven very effective at taking game for decades, giving archers a multitude of choices already in place.
The addition of lighted nocks generates a number of questions, including:
Other electronics on the bow or arrowElectronic Trackers that would stay in the animalEthical concerns?? Would the addition of lighted nocks lead to more or less low light shots?  How could it lead to fewer?
Archery hunts by their nature place additional restrictions on hunters and the equipment they may use.  Practice, preparation and patience, are a large part of being an ethical bowhunter.  Waiting for the right shot means passing on others as I am sure you know, we have all passed on more shots than we have ever taken.
Bow hunting is one of my passions, as it sounds like yours.  You may recall the change from 65% let-off among others by the Commission several years ago.  I have no doubt that in the future more changes will be considered.   I hope that I was able to answer your question on why we are where we are.   If you have any other questions please feel free to give me a call, Mark Carson 390-0622.  I enjoy talking with fellow archers.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014 - 5:27 PM MDT